Reporter looking to interview Immersion Teachers


Dear CLASS members whom are Immersion Teachers:

Please see the note below from Ms. Simone McCarthy.  She is a reporter based in Hong Kong looking for Immersion Teachers to interview for a piece she's writing for the South China Morning Post.  If you are interested, please contact her at the email below.
I am a reporter with the South China Morning Post, based in Hong Kong. I’m working on an article about the growth of K-8 Chinese language immersion programs across the US. I’d had the pleasure of being able to speak with school leaders and organizers in this field, but I would love to the opportunity to speak with teachers about your experience of teaching students in immersion programs. As is often the case in my field, I’m working to a rather tight deadline of early next week (and I know this a busy time at the start of the school year!), however if it would be possible to arrange either a quick phone call or even an email exchange in the next couple of days, I would love to be able to hear about your experiences and include them in the article. Please feel free to contact me via email at or wechat: simonelmc.