The 2014 ACTFL Annual Convention and Expo in San Antonio


Dear CLASS members,

The 2014 ACTFL Annual Convention and Expo in San Antonio is fast approaching-Nov. 21st to Nov. 23rd.  If you have not registered for this convention please note that the last day for the Advance Registration is October 29th.  The registration information is posted at  Please remember that since you are a CLASS member, you are in the ACTFL “Member” Registration Category, which is one of the CLASS membership benefits. 

If you opt to register by paper form, please remember to check “Chinese Language Association of Secondary and Elementary Schools” under “Attendee Information” and pay the fee under “Member” category.  If you opt to register online, please select “Convention Partner Organization Registration”.  This year ACTFL has made the online registration very user friendly.  Should you encounter any difficulties during the registration process please feel free to contact ACTFL or us. 

We have prepared a CLASS Sponsored Program Schedule for you. Please see the attached PDF file.  As you can tell from the Program Schedule, CLASS has a total of thirty-eight sessions this year!  We are very excited about both the quantity and the quality of the sessions.  In addition to these sessions, there will be long-standing and newly created CLASS-sponsored activities and events, such as Swap Shop, CLASS Forum “One United Voice for the Field, CLASS/CLTA joint Luncheon, Membership Meeting and CLASS Award Reception.  You will find their respective locations and times in the Program Schedule.  All of CLASS activities provide valuable opportunities for you to share your best practices and network with other Chinese teachers.  We have also attached 2014 CLASS/CLTA joint Luncheon Ticket Reservation form.  We strongly encourage you to join this not to missed annual event.

Again, we appreciate your support to CLASS and we thank you for all you have been providing for your students and the Chinese teaching field.  We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio soon!

All the best for another successful school year!



Dali Tan

CLASS Conference Chair at 2014 ACTFL Convention

Annie C. Ku

CLASS Program Chair at 2014 ACTFL Convention


PDF Files: 2014_class_sponsored_program_schedule_at_actfl.pdf


DOC Files: class_luncheon_announcement_2014-revised.doc