CLASS 2020-2021 PD Series


CLASS 2020-2021 PD Series

CLASS is offering a three-series of professional training courses for K-12 Chinese teachers to fine-tune their teaching and professional skills in the Chinese classroom in 2020-2021 school year.  New and experienced K-12 Chinese teachers who strive for exemplary teaching and are committed to developing their instructional skills in assessments and literacy development are eligible and cordially invited to apply.  CLASS members in good standing and teachers with previous professional development involvement are favored. All participants must agree to meet and follow the requirements of the program. 

CLASS PD Committee highly suggests teachers to take Fall 2020 and Winter 2020 sessions in sequence; Spring 2021 may be taken independently.

Cost for each course (Fall 2020, Winter 2020, Spring 2021) is $220 for tuition and registration. If taking both Fall and Winter courses the cost is $420, and for all three courses is $630. Additional $147 for optional one graduate credit for each course payable direct to Elms College. You may consider earning three graduate level credits for taking all three course offerings.   


                           Application Form:

Application Deadline:  September 25, 2020.  Notifications of acceptance will be sent out no later than October 1, 2020. Course payment by check is payable to "CLASS", and mail to CLASS PD Committee. Payment is due before the first session of each course.  Please contact CLASS PD at if you have any questions.