CLASS 3rd Annual National Poster Contest 2024 Theme: My Favorite Chinese Character



 CLASS 3rd Annual National Poster Contest

 2024 Theme: My Favorite Chinese Character






        a. 学生承诺表格(可在我们的网站上下载) 

         b. 学生作品的高分辨率扫描或保存为.jpg格式的图像

         c. 通过Google表格提交 每个CLASS成员有资格赞助最多5名参赛者。




                                                       2024 Poster Contest

2024 Poster Contest Guidelines


  1. The contestant must be a student currently enrolled in a Mandarin Chinese program during the current school year at an elementary school, a middle school, or a high school that is fully accredited by the regional Accreditation institutions like the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) or is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). 

  2. The contestant’s teacher must be a current member of the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS). If the teacher’s membership has expired, they will need to renew in order to take part in the contest.

  3. The theme My Favorite Chinese Character  MUST BE included on the poster in Chinese. 

  4. Purpose: The purpose of the poster is to deepen and enhance the love of learning Chinese characters. The design should reflect the meaning of the character and why it should serve as this year's symbolic character for all American students learning Chinese. 

  5. Primary captions and the majority of poster dialogue, text, or writing MUST BE in Chinese characters (either Simplified or Traditional), and artwork should represent the elements of Chinese language and culture in a prominent way. 

  6. Each poster must be the original work of one (1) student; no group entries. 

  7. Bold colors, clear artwork, and easy-to-read messages are best.  Please, no 3D or raised pieces allowed.

  8. All posters must be the student’s original, creative artwork, including illustrations, images, or quotations. Depictions of cartoon, video game, movie, television, or theme characters, or recreations of past poster designs do not constitute creativity or originality. ABSOLUTELY NO COPYRIGHTED images, figures, or wording are to be used.  CLASS holds no liability for copyright infringement.

  9. Posters can be completed with hand drawn artwork or digital artwork. 

  10. Submissions must be submitted digitally. Please save the design in high resolution .jpg format, (NOT PDF) with the following filename: [School Name_Student First name_Last name.jpg] 

  11. Submissions will be handled via Google Forms.  All of the following files must be submitted TOGETHER to CLASS by 11:59pm on  Sunday April 14, 2024.  

                  a. Student Pledge Form (download and have students fill out) 

                  b. Scan/Save student’s artwork into high resolution .jpg format 

                  c. Submit to Student Entry Form

  1. Judging Criteria: Posters will be judged on the basis of  four categories, including (1) Ideas and Content; (2) Originality and Creativity; (3) Composition and Clarity;  and (4) Visual Appeal. Please refer to the 2024 rubric for a detailed explanation as to how each piece will be evaluated. 

  2. It is the responsibility of the teacher to place the poster contest participants in the most appropriate category commensurate with the student’s background and training. CLASS reserves the right to disqualify a contestant who provides false background and training information.

  3. Each CLASS member may sponsor up to 5 contestants in total. 

  4. Poster Contest results will be announced by Monday, May 13, 2024. Award certificates will be emailed to teachers after the results are finalized. Each category will have 10 winners.  Winning posters will be displayed on the CLASS website, showcased at the annual conference, and reprinted as necessary. 


                     K-3rd Grade: Hand-drawn or Digital

                     4th-5th Grade: Hand-drawn or Digital

                     6th-8th Grade: Hand-drawn or Digital

                     9th-12th Grade: Hand-drawn or Digital


Please email CLASS Contests if you have any questions.