Chinese Computer Adaptive Vocabulary test (CAVO)


We are pleased to inform you that the Chinese Computer Adaptive VOcabulary test (CAVO) has been recently migrated to a more powerful server with higher speed. We also improved its functionality by continuing to respond to user comments.

This free instructional tool is designed for learners and teachers of Chinese in the following ways:

1) Instructors can easily create their own custom vocabulary tests for individuals and classes on electronic texts;

2) Teachers can direct students to take text-specific custom tests or the standard vocabulary tests and monitor their progresses;

3) Learners can use the Vocabulary Analyzer to analyze the frequency of vocabulary in any Chinese text and find instant roll-over glosses.

This program is sponsored by a Title VI grant from the US Department of Education. Please visit the website ( and try out its functions.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Galal Walker at, or Dr. Minru Li at by email or at 614-688-3080 by phone. Your feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome.



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