The 19th National CLASS Essay Contest

The 19th CLASS Essay Contest Topics


The world is changing very quickly. While these changes have benefited some, they have been challenging for many as we struggle to keep up with the pace of change. How can we create a better life and world among these changes? 

Respond to ONE of the topics below, depending on your grade level.


Elementary School (K~5th) :


What does the perfect world look like in your dreams? What can you and your community do to make this a reality? 


Middle School (6~8th):

假如我是 ......

Think about the things that the adults in charge of our world are doing well and not so well. What would you do differently if you were an adult with the power to change things?


High School(9~12th)  :

Please choose ONE of the following prompts. 

  1. Please write a title for your essay.

The current state of global affairs has left many people anxious and uncertain about the future. Pick one specific area of change  (war, inflation, climate change, etc.) and analyze how it will affect your future.  What do you hope you and your generation can do to deal with this issue? Provide data and research to back up your position.


     2. 最美好的生活

Describe your life and the things you love about your life. Then pick one thing going on in the world that you don’t like, something you wish were different. Why don’t you like it? How can you make it better to create a better life for everyone?

Please find the materials for the 19th National CLASS Essay Contest from the links below.

The 19th CLASS Essay Contest Topics

 The 19th CLASS Essay Contest Student Entry Form

 Student Essay Writing Packet

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All submissions need to be in by Saturday, October 29, 2022.